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The winter of that year

The winter of that year was particularly cold Cheap Cigarettes . In the days when the New Year is approaching, it is always chilly. The car carries a warm blessing and warms up the people in the winter. Colleagues in the unit receive one or two New Year's greeting cards almost every day. I worked in a city far from home. The poor working environment, the lover's empathy, let me feel cold like iron. In such a day, I always hope to get the comfort of my friends and relatives, even if there is only a greeting card to bless my heart. But until the New Year's bell rings, I haven't been able to receive a New Year's greeting card festival. On another rainy day, I was staring at the rain in the sky. Suddenly, a crisp ringtone awakened me. "Your greeting card." I looked at the letter from the postman, looked at him suspiciously, and quickly turned my gaze to the letter. Yes, it is mine! I can't wait to open it. That is the blessing of a girl from the Ice City: Xiao Xiaobei, the chill, the "reader" of the Far Word Ice City, I went to my deep blessings and cordial greetings: Is everything okay? ����The days of life are happy every day. She was a classmate of my university. At that time, I was responsible for the school��s literary society. I have had some works that have occupied the pages of provincial and municipal newspaper supplements Marlboro Cigarettes , and I have been responsible for the editing of the newspapers. She likes and read many articles. When she graduated, she left a message on my graduation book: Mr. Writer, the published article, can you send it to me? - Forever readers in the blessing, she wrote in a few lines of small words: I intended to send it before New Year's Day, to "send charcoal to wait for snow?" It was changed after the holiday, for It is the same good mood that you have every year! A warm current fills my heart! Yes, nowadays, sincere blessings have been materialized into gorgeous words Online Cigarettes , and the brightly packed greeting cards have flocked to the big stalls in the market in the same way as the bee ants before the festival, and disappeared after the festival, or encountered waste paper. The same fate was dealt with, and only the late blessings did not catch up. I accepted this late blessing and pressed this greeting card with a warm greeting on the desk of my desk.
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